All you should know about aluminum carport kit

Aluminum Carport kit - What is all about?

We know what it’s like to leave your car out in the open: you’re concerned about the weather damaging your car, you have to scrape off snow, get drenched when it’s raining, and worry about that sun exposure. Canopia by Palram all-season aluminum carport kits offer coverage and protection for you and your car, no matter the weather.

What is aluminum carport kit?

Aluminum carport kits designed to cover your car, truck, boat, or recreational vehicle. Carport kits don’t just protect your car, they also offer easy access and a lot of ventilation.

What kind of carport kits do we have?

Our lines range from the modern flat-roofed with four posts such as Palma and Verona to the curve-roofed Arizona with two posts or Vitoria and Atlas with four posts, optimizing your usable space. We also have the Arcadia that stands at 7’11” and varies in length from 14’2” all the way to 42’2”. If you are in the enviable position of having an RV or boat, we have the Alpine with adjustable height that varies in length as well.

Arizona Wave Double Carport Kit

Double carports

In the case of having more than one car, another carport solution is required. Therefore we engineered all of our double carports to be extremely durable, no matter the season. Our 2 car carports are designed to cover two cars, two trucks, or other vehicles. They offer protection, give you ample space to get into and out of your vehicle, and provide

What kind of double carport kits do we have?

Our double carport range includes the Arizona Breeze and Arizona Wave. Both double carport lines can be set up with the posts on the outside, with double the space between, or with the posts on the inside for two easily marked spaces. They transmit natural light, while providing up to 100% UV protection from harmful UV rays. The lifetime resilient polycarbonate glazing on the 2 car carports does not fracture or turn yellow over time and both they and the sturdy aluminum frame are designed to withstand volatile weather conditions.

Additional uses on double carport kits

You can also use a two car carport as a patio cover, outdoor break shelter, or picnic shelter. The 2 car carport kits are designed to be easily assembled and maintenance free.

Awning for sun loungers

Canopia by Palram aluminum carport kits

Whichever DIY carport kit you choose, they all have some things in common: Every aluminum carport kit we sell is made from high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum frames and high-impact, shatter-resistant polycarbonate panels that provide 100% UV protection.
We are here for all your freestanding carport needs!