How to Use Your Veranda

Modern Inspirations For Your Verandah

When you think about spending time outside in your veranda, you want it to fit you and your lifestyle to be as enjoyable as possible. For different people, that means different things. Here are some of our favorite veranda ideas for you to try:

You can never have too much foliage when you’re dealing with a garden veranda. Add lush greenery and create a cozy jungle-inspired space for yourself. Fill the floor with potted trees, hang plants with dripping vines from the ceiling and enjoy the luscious feel of a garden veranda.

How To Make Patio Veranda Into A Lounge Area

To turn your patio veranda into an indoor/outdoor lounge area. Throw in some outdoor seating and gorgeous textiles like a rug, throw pillows, and a cozy blanket and make it feel like a real sanctuary. To create an effortlessly fluid move from indoor to outdoor, you can choose furniture and décor to go with your indoor space.

Your veranda kit can be an additional dining space for you and your family, making the most of the outdoor views in shaded comfort. All you need to get is an outdoor dining set, glasses of wine, and some good company. Add some lighting and an outdoor heater to your patio veranda to upgrade the ambience and transition your space seamlessly into the nighttime hours.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, you can use your veranda as a poolside lounge. Put out some reclining chairs, a space for your towels, and a layout to dry, enjoying the healing power of fresh air and good light.

For a sense of fullness and dimension, add some roof blinds to your veranda. They provide extra shade and give it a luxurious feel. Add a bar cart to elevate it even more and to keep drinks and food within easy reach.

Whatever makes you happiest in your space and however you decide to use your veranda, you can rest easy knowing that every Palram – canopia outdoor structure is engineered to stand the test of time and bring you as much joy as possible.