Maintaining Greenhouse Temperature

Here are a few tips on how to maintain balanced temperature in a greenhouse. The video was taken by “Oh How Happy Gardener” (USA) who uses our Harmony 6×6 greenhouse with clear Polycarbonate glazing, a vent with auto opener and a side louver.

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If you’re going to start seeds in a greenhouse like this one, here’s some things to keep in mind:

1. Temperature- Make sure you have appropriate heat in the colder months and proper ventilation in the warmer months. Temperatures will rise quickly once the sun is out, reaching 110 degrees fahrenheit within a few hours, if it’s 60 or 70 degrees outside.

2. Moisture- Make sure your growing trays are either deep, bottom watered, equipped with some sort of drip irrigation, or make sure you’re watering at least twice a day. With temps rising quickly, it’s easy for the trays to dry out.

3. Shade Cloth or Cover- this is important if you started your seeds indoors and move them into the greenhouse. They need to be under some filter or protection from the sun so they have time to develop the photo receptors needed to process the intense sunlight.

4. Stimulating Your Plants- an oscillating fan or ability to allow wind into the greenhouse or staging plants outside for periods of time is important so the plants get used to some resistance and are stimulated to strengthen their stems before setting them out into the garden.

5. Nutrition- plants need a source of food. The potting mix needs to be mixed with fertilizer or worm castings to provide a food source. It is also helpful to apply a liquid fertilizer at least once a week.