August, 2017

Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of your garden shed, store efficiently
and safely at all times, at any season, for years to come.

Install on and anchor to a leveled surface: In order to ensure the shed will function well
for a long period of time it must be installed on a leveled surface and be well anchored.
Since the shed is not heavy, it can be moved to its final location before anchoring.

Store wheeled equipment: The entrance of the SkyLight™ Shed is equipped with a ramp
that allows for an easy passage of wheeled equipment, such as motorized lawn mowers, cartwheels etc.

Arrange items: Store the least-used items first and keep the most-used items in a more accessible location.

Store hazardous materials with caution: Hazardous materials such as toxic and flammable substances are not recommended for storage in the shed. Please follow the substances safety
recommendations carefully before storing them.

Box small items: When storing small items, organize them in sealed boxes to maintain their integrity.
Be careful not to stack too many boxes in one pile, for the same reason. Boxes sensitive to humidity should not be stored directly on the floor – use the shelving kit or shelve racks to store large quantity of boxes.

Free up floor space: Shelves help increase storage efficiency by clearing up sorely needed floor space.
Palram shelving kit can hold up to 30kg (66 lbs). To clear the floor of heavier items or a greater quantity use the Palram’s Steel Work Bench or larger metal racks.

Leave a corridor: Leaving a corridor can allow you to access the deep end at all times.

Ventilate periodically: Even though sheds have air vents, allowing the shed to ventilate periodically
is important to in order to help prevent humidity-related damages to your stored goods.
To ventilate the shed simply leave the doors open for a few hours on a dry and bright day.

Install night lighting: Accessing the shed when it grows dark outside would be safer and easier
when a lighting aid is installed. In a Palram shed, we recommend to attach a LED unit to the apex profile.