Single Carports

We know what it’s like to leave your car out in the open: you’re concerned about the weather damaging your car, you have to scrape off snow, get drenched when it’s raining, and worry about that sun exposure. Palram – Canopia all-season carport kits offer coverage and protection for you and your car, no matter the weather.

Our high-quality metal carport kits are designed to cover your car, truck, boat, or recreational vehicle. Carport kits don’t just protect your car, they also offer easy access and a lot of ventilation.

Our lines range from the modern flat-roofed Palram – Canopia with four posts to the curve-roofed Arizona with two posts, optimizing your usable space. We have the Arcadia that stands at 7’11” and varies in length from 14’2” all the way to 42’2”. If you are in the enviable position of having an RV or boat, we have the Alpine with adjustable height that varies in length as well.

Whichever DIY carport kit you choose, they all have some things in common: Every aluminum carport kit we sell is made from high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum frames and high-impact, shatter-resistant polycarbonate panels that provide 100% UV protection.

We are here for all your freestanding carport needs!




Yes, this keeps the rain off without leaking.

Arcadia™ / Verona™ / Vitoria™ / Palma™ allow 15% light transmission
Arizona™ / Atlas™ allow 10% light transmission

Yes, it certainly should withstand its impact and maintain its integrity. It will not shatter if an acorn hits it, having said that, it is not recommended to be built directly under a tree.

The carport needs to be properly installed on a concrete slab, concrete footings or deck.

The base of the posts has to be anchored onto a solid base / footing and fastened with the foot pads kit.

Yes, it is possible to mount on a deck. Please consult with a professional with regards to the appropriate bolts and screws and masonry anchors.

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