Awning Kits Above 1.5 m. (Above 5ft)

A door canopy kit may not be the first thing you think about when looking at your house, but you should. Door awnings add both beauty and function to your home.
A DIY door awning has many uses. The face of your home is typically what gets the most exposure to the elements. A  Palram – Canopia porch canopy kit blocks up to 100% of harmful UV rays and diminishes the amount of sun, rain, and wind that your door is exposed to.

You’re exposed when you’re standing in front of your door too! When it’s raining, snowing, or sleeting and you are trying to unlock your door, having a front door overhang kit will protect you from the uncomfortable elements. The screw-free glazing system prevents leaks to keep you and visiting guests comfortable.

A DIY door overhang benefits your front door and steps too. They can go longer without needing repairs or replacements when they are protected from the weather. Door canopy kits protect from fading as well. Hardwood floors, carpets and furniture that sits in sunny spots can all suffer from fading if they are left without protection. A DIY door awning, by blocking out the sunlight also means you don’t need to rotate your furniture.

We also love that porch canopy kits add some major curb appeal. We offer retro, modern, and classic designs to frame and accent your front door, adding some visual interest and making a difference in the overall look of your home.  Palram – Canopia door awnings are designed to be extremely weather-resistant thanks to their anti-rust aluminum structure, ultra-resilient high-impact panels, and galvanized steel support arms. Check out our entire range of door canopies today!