Hybrid Glazing Greenhouse Kits

Few things in life are as wonderful as growing your own plants, be it flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Greenhouses offer an ideal growing environment to make that happen and  Palram – Canopia makes ideal DIY greenhouse kits.

When choosing the best greenhouse kit for you, it is important to know what to look for.  Palram – Canopia offers several categories of greenhouse kits for sale to provide your plants with the optimal conditions for nurture and growth.

Hybrid Greenhouse Kits combine two types of glazing: diffused roof panels and clear side panels. This is the ideal choice for gardeners looking for an all-purpose greenhouse that brings you the best of both worlds – diffused overhead sunlight for optimal plant growth and crystal-clear side panels to show off the results.

Both the roof and wall panels are made of polycarbonate, a glass-like, virtually unbreakable high-end polymer that provides the light transmission benefits of glass, without its associated drawbacks. The maintenance-free, high-impact, harsh weather resistant and UV-protected panels assure strength and quality for many years to come. The differences are in the details.

The diffused roof panels are made of twin-wall polycarbonate, which have twice the heat retention of single layer panels and allow the light to reach your plants at all angles for more even sunlight and growth. The side panels are crystal-clear, non-yellowing, lightweight, yet strong, and provide over 90% light transmission, while blocking harmful UV rays.




No, it is not an option, it cannot be performed.

No, it is not an option to get doors on both ends.

It is not possible to install the Lean To Grow House’ door at the other side. It is possible to install only as shown in the instructions.

The greenhouses do not come with a floor or base.