Heavy-Duty Sheds

Looking for extra space and less mess? Palram – Canopia heavy-duty garden shed kits provide you with room for storing, organizing, and protecting your outdoor life. Designed to accommodate all your shed ideas, Palram – Canopia offers highly durable, multi-functional heavy-duty garden sheds for sale to answer all your storage needs.

You want to know that your outdoor things are well protected
and that you have a place for everything. Our highly durable heavy-duty garden
sheds are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions for years to come, providing
a high level of maintenance-free protection all year round. The garden shed
kits are made from extremely resilient polycarbonate panels and aluminum frame.
Polycarbonate is a flexible, virtually unbreakable polymer that is particularly
suited to endure high winds, freezing temperatures and extreme heat.

We are proud to offer two lines of heavy-duty DIY sheds: The
Yukon and the Rubicon. Both lines are engineered to be ultra-durable, even with
harsh weather conditions, and include our unique polycarbonate skylight roof
panels that transmit natural sunlight throughout the day while maintaining an
opaque exterior for maximum privacy.

Garden shed kits are the answer to providing ultra-resilient additional storage to organize and enhance your outdoor space. Get started with a heavy-duty Palram – Canopia garden shed today!





The fire rating is B-s1, d0

It is not recommended to paint the polycarbonate panels, it may compromise the polycarbonate’s integrity. please refer to the warranty.

No, it is not an option, it cannot be performed.

Yes, it can be disassembled, relocated and reassembled at a different location.