Accessories For Greenhouses

Whether you are buying a new greenhouse or looking to add to an existing one, the right greenhouse accessories make all the difference. Accessories for greenhouses should simplify your gardening and enhance your experience, whether it’s for the plants themselves through air circulation, heat, or shade or if it’s for you with automated tasks, lighting, or storage.

An important consideration for your greenhouse is ventilation because proper air circulation and temperature control is integral for your plants to grow and thrive. A greenhouse vent is included in every Palram – Canopia  greenhouse. To make ventilation even easier, we also offer an automatic louver opener for the window and automatic vent opener for the roof, where the vent gradually opens to allow the correct amount of airflow into the greenhouse and closes when the optimal temperature is reached. Another way to control the temperature is with a greenhouse heater. Even winter plants need a certain temperature to germinate.

Another factor when choosing accessories for your greenhouse is efficiently utilizing your space. You can maximize your capacity and provide storage and organization with greenhouse shelves, benches, and plant hangers.
Whether it’s automating the vents, adding a drip irrigation kit or trellising kit, or storage and organization, we know that greenhouse accessories can make all the difference. Check out our full line of accessories for greenhouses below.