Carport Kits

We’ve all been there: it’s the middle of the summer, you get into your car and it’s piping hot…there’s just been a big snowstorm and before you can head out, you have to scrape snow off of a frozen windshield. It’s uncomfortable and takes time that you don’t always have. Save time and discomfort with Palram – Canopia high-quality carports that offer protection for you and your car, every season.

We have a wide variety of carports for sale because a carport can be used to protect anything from a sedan to an SUV, truck, boat, tractor, or even your RV, we also got a double carport. It’s a great solution for a home without a garage, it costs less, and it looks great. Regardless of which one you choose; all our carports are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions for years to come.

Palram – Canopia carports made out a heavy-duty aluminum frame and incredibly resilient polycarbonate panels. Aluminum carports are the smart choice because they are rust-resistant, maintenance-free, and extremely sturdy with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Polycarbonate is a glass-like, virtually unbreakable polymer, making it the perfect material for outdoor structures. The lightweight carport roof panels provide the light transmission benefits of glass in a much safer manner because they are high-impact, harsh weather and UV-resistant.

Our assortment of carports for sale includes carports for one car or two, carports with a curved or flat roof, and carports with two posts or four. Every one of our DIY carports is engineered to be easily assembled and make your experience worry-free. We also love the versatility of carports to carry out all of your carport ideas!

Get a safe place to park and start protecting your car today with a Palram – Canopia carport canopy.




Yes, this keeps the rain off without leaking.

Arcadia™ / Verona™ / Vitoria™ / Palma™ allow 15% light transmission
Arizona™ / Atlas™ allow 10% light transmission

Yes, it certainly should withstand its impact and maintain its integrity. It will not shatter if an acorn hits it, having said that, it is not recommended to be built directly under a tree.

The carport needs to be properly installed on a concrete slab, concrete footings or deck.

The base of the posts has to be anchored onto a solid base / footing and fastened with the foot pads kit.

Yes, it is possible to mount on a deck. Please consult with a professional with regards to the appropriate bolts and screws and masonry anchors.