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Ledro 10 ft. x. 10 ft. Enclosed Gazebo Kit - Grey Structure & Hybrid Panels

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There is something about spending time in a place where the boundaries are blurred between indoor and out. From an enclosed Gazebo to a covered outdoor spa, add your own home oasis with the Ledro. The Ledro outdoor living space provides you with a gorgeous additional room, allowing you to embrace the beauty of the outdoors from within the comfort of the indoors. Meant to be enjoyed year-round, this gazebo is a fantastic opportunity to add value to your home and create a space that fits your needs.

Use your enclosed gazebo for indoor/outdoor dining, a sunroom, as a special place to hold small parties with family and friends, create a garden office, or make your own outdoor covered spa. This sleek pavilion can be put together over a weekend with plenty of time to spare to sit back and enjoy your new room!

  • Highly durable, elegant enclosed gazebo kit
  • Firm, rust-resistant, reinforced aluminum structure, engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Twin-wall bronze tinted polycarbonate roofing; does not turn yellow or become brittle.
  • Proprietary screw-free glazing assembly system, specially developed to prevent rain/dew leaks
  • Large sliding doors allow enjoying the Ledro as a half-open Gazebo or a multi-purpose intimate enclosed gazebo.
  • Enclosed gazebo ideas fulfill many indoor purposes in the heart of your garden, any season: resting area, reading room, BB, canopy, garden office, party lounge, spa cabin…
  • 100% protection from harmful sun rays (UV) allows endless recreation time outdoor
  • Maintenance-free and built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials
  • Made with 100% recyclable components
  • Technical information, including dimensions, panel thickness, and wind and snow load, can be found in the photo gallery above.
  • The Gazebos are available in various sizes. Click to find more Gazebo kits.
Model: #704744


A Length 295cm 9'8"ft
B Width 295cm 9'8"ft
C Height 274cm 8'11"ft
D Door width 131.5cm 4'3"ft
E Door height 203cm 6'8"ft

Product Details

Accessories Screen Door Kit White

Enclosed Gazebo Accessories

Check out our certified Canopia accessories


Elegant top vent detail allows air flow and smoke relief

Gutter & Gutter Heads

Integrated gutter heads ‘ allow water collection

Rating and Reviews

4.62 (67 Reviews)
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Customer Reviews (67)
  1. Tom Country: Canada

    The person who designed and made the instructions is a psychopath

    Beautiful. Structure however the instructions are extremely hard to follow for a diy especially when adding the wall panels. First set of instructions you assemble things and the second set of instructions you take it apart. Zero explanations on the diagrams which are difficult to follow. If you want to build this, give yourself 2 full days with 3 to...
  2. TerraTamer33 Country: United States (US)

    Good engineering

    Simple assembly with good quality parts
  3. ArtisticEar11 Country: United States (US)

    Yey, I don't get bitten anymore

    No more bug bites! Closing the gazebo keeps pesky insects out, making it a truly bug-free zone.


It is necessary to have it anchored as per the instructions, Anchoring this product to the ground is essential to its stability and rigidity. It is required to complete this stage in order for your warranty to be valid.
Yes, you can definitely use a heater inside the closed gazebo. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions. Using a heater will allow retention of heat, a suitable heater by Canopia can be found online.
Yes, the Sun Room’s door can be placed on either side. There are no available screens for the Sun Room. The door swings outward.
No, it is not an option, it cannot be performed.
Yes, it can be anchored to concrete. Base or foundation must be flattened, leveled and prepped prior to installing the product. The product must be built on a solid level surface in order to perform properly. We recommend using concrete or wood deck as base. In addition, It is imperative that the ground surface be perfectly flat and leveled and in a 90° angle to the supporting wall.
The structure can support a ceiling fan hanging from it, it can be installed using the beam’s built-in tracks. Please make sure you install the fan and the wiring in a secure way, you may consult with a handyman as to how to attach it to the top.
I am assuming you are referring to a stationary RV. If this is the case, you need to make sure the RV’s size is suitable to the requirements. You will need to find the compatible screws and plugs in order to attach the SanRemo to the RV. In addition the SanRemo requires a solid foundation such as concrete, asphalt etc. and the back is supposed to be attached to a structure wall (such as a house’s wall). Should you attach it to a vehicle; the lower part (where the wheels are) will remain open.
The SanRemo can be installed on a deck and attached to a house with vinyl sidings. Please consult with an expert / constructor with regards to the screws and plugs you should use for your specific wall type and trex deck.
There are screen doors that can be added (to be purchased separately) and these can be installed without removing the existing doors.
Yes, the polycarbonate panels are high impact resistant and withstand hail.


Prepare the site

The product must be built on a solid anleveled surface in order to perform properly.

1 - Clear the site
2 - Level the ground
Important We recommend checking for restrictions or covenants for building this product in your area. In addition we advise to check if you need to submit any forms or if any permit is required prior to building the product.
Choose your foundation type
Option 1: Concrete / Wooden Deck

The screws and masonry anchors supplied with the kit are suitable for concrete fixing only. Please consult with an expert regarding which fasteners are suitable for other surfaces types (not supplied).

Option 2: Paving stones

Dig holes into the ground and fill with concrete. For frozen areas, please check the required depth needed for these holes.


a – 10 cm / 4″ | b + c – 40 cm / 1’4″

Option 3: Solid ground / Asphalt

a + b + c – 40 cm / 1’4″

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