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Helsinki 10 ft. x 17 ft. Patio Cover Kit - Cedar Wood, Solar Control

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When you love your surroundings, you’re more inclined to spend time there. In this case, the Helsinki Wood Patio Cover hits that perfect blend of practical and beautiful, inspiring you to spend more time outdoors. It doesn’t just protect you and your furniture from the weather, it creates a space designated for relaxation and enjoyment.
The natural beauty of cedar wood adds an elegant touch to your outdoor living area, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a quiet moment outdoors, this large patio cover provides the ideal space for unwinding and entertaining.

The cedar wood’s inherent resistance to rot, decay, and pests makes it an excellent choice for an outdoor wooden patio cover. The massive structure with a sleek, minimal design has large posts with integrated gutters and grey Sun Control roof panels to feel the sunlight on your face and bask in the warmth or sit under the pitter patter of rain, knowing the leak free system will keep you dry.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Helsinki Wood Patio Cover is simple to install and easy to maintain.
There is no need to re-stain for five years, meaning you can spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying your space. Take a deep breath, sit down, and enjoy where you are.

  • Modern Patio Cover Design: The large wooden patio cover has a minimal design in a natural material.
  • Massive Structure: The impressively sized patio cover has posts measuring 9″x7” / 23 x 18 cm thick and 7”6’ / 231 cm high.
  • Low Maintenance: Naturally rot, decay, and pest-resistant, cedar only needs to be re-stained after 5 years.
  • Heat Block Technology: The leak free roof system uses solid 4 mm polycarbonate panels that have Heat Block Technology that reduces harmful UV rays and keeps out rain and dew.
  • Light Transmission: Reduces direct sunlight and preserves your entryway from sun damage and wear
    (20% light transmission).
  • Built-In Gutters: Includes 2 integrated rain gutters hidden in the beams and front posts to direct rainwater.
  • DIY Installation: Smart locking system with pre-cut panels for quick and secure installation, no special tools are required.
  • Anchoring: Patio Cover has thick iron elements that attach to the ground for ultimate stability.
  • Year-Round Weather Resistance: Wind, snow, and hail resistant.
    Tested to withstand winds up to 93 mph / 150 km/h, and snow load up to 31 lb./ft² / 150 kg/m².
  • Warranty: 12 Year Limited Warranty
Model: #706084


A Length 535cm 17'7"ft
B Width 300cm 9'10"ft
C Height 253cm 8'4"ft

Product Details

Heat Block Technology

The leak free roof system uses solid polycarbonate panels with “Heat Block Technology” that reduces the temperature, harmful UV rays, and keeps out rain and dew.

Low Maintenance

Cedar is a beautiful wood that only needs to be re-stained after 5 years. Ideal for outdoor wooden structures, it is durable and naturally rot, decay, and pest resistant.

Wall Mount Included

The wall mount is part of the structure to connect the patio cover to a concrete or brick wall.

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The patio cover structure can support a ceiling fan hanging from it. Please make sure you install the fan and the wiring in a secure way, we recommend consulting with a professional.
The sound of the rain makes a nice ambient sound, also depending on the rain’s strength. *The rain noise is not loud. It is actually quite soothing. Doesn’t bother anyone in this house at all, it’s just a little ping noise. Kind of like one of those rain sticks noise makers.
The posts and beams are paintable, please refer to the warranty.
The patio cover’s back beam is app’ 4.6 inches wide.
Yes, it can be mounted to truss ledger, as long as its structure is long, wide and strong enough. We suggest checking this out with a local expert / constructor.
Yes, the polycarbonate panels are high impact resistant and withstand hail.
Yes, it can be mounted on to vinyl sidings, make sure you mount it on to the wall studs and use suitable screws and plugs.
Yes, a grill may be used under the patio cover, as long as it is a reasonable distance from the panels, it should be fine. Please make sure you follow the manufacturer’s safety advice and keep a safe distance.
Up to two SideWalls can be attached to a patio cover, one on each end.
The patio cover can be installed on the ground; however, the posts must be anchored to concrete footings.

Assembly instructions & Certificates for Downloads

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