10 Advantages of a Carport

10 Advantages of a Carport Kit

Here at Palram – canopia, we are big fans of carports and all their advantages. Here are just some of our favorite carport kits advantages:

1. The number one and most obvious advantage is that a carport kit protects your vehicle from the elements, whether it’s harmful UV rays, freezing snow, or buckets of rain. 

2. Palram – canopia aluminum carports don’t just protect your car. The carports themselves are designed to withstand severe weather conditions and last for many years to come. 

3. Let’s not forget that carports protect you, too! You don’t have to stand outside, scraping ice off your windshield, get drenched in the rain as you put things in, or get into a boiling hot car that’s been sitting out in the sun.

4. Because freestanding carports are open, getting in and out of your car is easy. When you’re unloading your car with bags of groceries, this is a huge plus!

5. Carport kits are a great investment. They are considered home improvements and add value to your home. If you don’t have a garage, this could be a great advantage when you are looking to sell.

6. Carports are flexible structures. You can use a carport as a patio cover or covered outdoor recreational space. You never have to worry about what the weather will bring on the day of an important event again.

7. Aluminum carports aren’t just for cars. You can use them to shelter your SUV, RV, ATV, or boat. We would love to join you for that RV trip, ATV adventures, and boat ride.

8. We offer carports of varying sizes to run the whole length of your driveway if you wish! 

9. Our DIY carport kits are easy to install. There is nothing too complicated or hard about it, so you can get yourself set up to protect your car quickly.