6 Steps How to Build a Greenhouse

How to Build a Palram - Canopia Greenhouse

When thinking about how to build your own greenhouse, there are a few things you want to take into consideration including the climate where you live, the space you are installing in, and any permits you might need.

1. Check local building codes

Before you can prepare for how to build a greenhouse, you need to make sure that your greenhouse complies with all local code requirements including zoning and building permits. It is a relatively simple process and well worth your time.

2. Choose the right greenhouse

Above all, your greenhouse needs to be made of appropriate materials. All our greenhouses are made with extremely durable aluminum frames and polycarbonate panels, ensuring years of maintenance-free use and reliability. When choosing which greenhouse is best for you, you also need to consider the glazing or type of polycarbonate, the size and location of your space, and what your planting goals are. Choose the right greenhouse.

3. Prepare the site

Before you begin assembling anything, you need to prepare the site. The greenhouse base must be fixed onto a perfectly flat ground surface to ensure stability. We recommend securing your greenhouse directly onto a solid foundation such as concrete or wood deck using the pre-drilled holes in the steel base.

4. Prepare yourself

This includes enlisting a friend or family member to help you build, gathering all your tools, and reading all the instructions beforehand. It is really to your advantage to take the time to read everything and familiarize yourself with all the pieces first. The better understanding you have of the process, the more smoothly the installation will go.

5. Assemble the frame and panels

Follow the instructions carefully, in the correct order, making sure not to pay attention to details like not tightening all the screws until directed and ensuring that the base is level. Starting with the corners, assemble the frame first. Then slide the polycarbonate panels into place. Next, assemble the roof, making sure to decide on the window’s location before assembly. Lastly, put together the door and supports.

6. Add finishing touches

Now is the time to add any accessories like benches, plant hangers, lighting, or anything else your heart desires. If you will be using your greenhouse as an outdoor living space, bring on the goods! An outdoor table and chairs, a couch, a hot tub, or anything else!

7. Let it grow

Let us be the first to congratulate you on your new greenhouse! We hope you enjoy the fruits of your labors for years to come and we are always here for any questions.

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