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Taurus 2 ft. x 5 ft. Door Awning Kit - Silver Structure & clear Panels

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The ultra-contemporary Taurus Door Awning offers protection while allowing your door to shine. With tempered glass panels and stainless-steel support arms, you get superior coverage as you walk in and out of your home. As resilient as it is attractive, this Door Canopy is UV treated to block harmful UV rays and preserve your entryways from sun damage and wear. The Modern Door Cover is easy to install and engineered to withstand harsh conditions including an adjustable slope for changing weather.
With the Taurus Door Awning, you get the coverage you need and the look you want.

  • Stylish tempered glass awning, designed to decorate and protect your entryway, doors, and windows.
  • UV treated to block harmful UV rays and preserve your entryways from sun damage and wear.
  • Helps to keep your entrance clear and your door protected from rain.
  • Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Clean-lined, modern minimalist design, enhances your facade to a finely decorated home/property.
  • Friendly and safe DIY assembly kit.
  • Maintenance-free, built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials.
  • Made with 100% recyclable materials.
  • Technical┬áinformation, including dimensions, panel thickness, and wind and snow load, can be found in the photo gallery above.
  • Awnings are available in a variety of sizes & styles. Visit this page for more information on.
Model: #703369


A Length 140cm 4'7"ft
B Width 90cm 2'11"ft
C Height 40cm 1'4"ft

Product Details


Adjustable slope for changing weather conditions Mounting hardware included

Frame Material

Stainless Steel support arms Ready to assemble pre-drilled profiles

Roofing panel

12 mm tempered glass panel (6 mm + 6 mm), treated to block the harmful UV rays Easy DIY assembly no special tools required Ready to assemble pre-cut panel

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Yes, it is possible to install on a mobile home. Please use suitable screws and plugs to it to your mobile home, consult with a local expert / constructor. Please make sure there is enough space above the door in order to install and easily open the door.
Yes, it can be mounted on a wood house. Please consult with an expert / constructor with regards to the type of screws and plugs you need for your specific wall type. (Screws and plugs for wood are not supplied).
It has to be sealed to the surface it is mounted onto, in order to prevent water seepage. It can be mounted onto a compatible (self-made) board that will provide a unified, solid space to mount the product onto. Make sure you secure it with suitable screws and plugs.
Yes, it is possible to install on vinyl sidings, make sure you used suitable screws and plugs for your wall type. A kit suitable for mounting on vinyl siding can be found online.

Assembly instructions & Certificates for Downloads

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