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Gazebo Kit Palermo 10 ft. x 10 ft. - Grey Structure

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Commune with nature from the comfortable lounging space of your Palermo Garden Gazebo. Perfect for a retreat during the hot days and cool nights of summer, alfresco entertaining, over an outdoor spa, or to simply spend more time comfortably outside. Add some gazebo netting to stay safe from intruding insects and a set of curtains for a private backyard escape. The Palermo open gazebo is sturdy, durable and provides you with that extra special something in your yard that keeps you wanting to enjoy it over and over.

  • Highly durable, elegant metal gazebo
  • Firm, rust-resistant aluminum gazebo, engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Twin-wall bronze tinted polycarbonate roofing; does not turn yellow or become brittle over time
  • Proprietary screw-free glazing assembly system, specially developed to prevent rain/dew leaks
  • 100% protection from harmful sun rays (UV) allows endless recreation time outdoor
  • Gazebo kits Maintenance-free and built-to-last thanks to outstandingly durable materials
  • Made with 100% recyclable components
  • Technical information, including dimensions, panel thickness, and wind and snow load, can be found in the photo gallery above.
  • The Gazebos are available in various sizes. Click to find more Gazebo kits.
Model: #702425


A Length 295cm 9'8"ft
B Width 295cm 9'8"ft
C Height 274cm 8'11"ft

Product Details


Decorative wind & smoke escarpment feature at the top of the gazebo for enhanced air flow

Integrated rails

Integrated rails and hooks for adding curtains/mosquito netting (Sold separately)

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4.93 (15 Reviews)
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Customer Reviews (15)
  1. Ned Lust Country: United States (US)

    great product, well built, easy to assemble, easy to maintain.

    I bought my 12 x 12 Palermo Gazebo in 2016 and it was easy to assemble and has been easy to maintain. I have on two occasions lost panels due to high winds, but have been able to buy replacement parts, with good customer service. I would buy this product again and rate it 5 stars out of 5 stars.
  2. KURT Country: United States (US)

    Well designed and built product.

    The polycarbonate panels seem flimsy but are supposedly durable once installed. When installing panels suggest using a 3/4" wood block into gutter to hold panels in place before attaching. (Originally posted at "")
  3. Don Country: United States (US)

    Love it!

    I purchased this last year but was unable to install it until a couple weeks ago! I installed it myself, although I recommend having help, but it can be done. The gazebo is very solid and sturdy! Now we need to add nicer patio furniture lol! I highly recommend this product! (Originally posted at "")


The Martinique / Milano / Monaco / Palermo / Roma gazebo series do not have 2 different tracks, therefore cannot be installed together.
The gazebo can be set up on grass / dirt, however there should be concrete footings to attach the poles to.
There is a slight slope in order to make sure that water will runoff.
Yes, the Gazebo is UV resistant, and has gutters and gutter outlets to channel and allow rainwater collection.
The gazebo’s structure can support a ceiling fan hanging from it. Please make sure you install the fan and the wiring in a secure way, you may consult with a handyman as to how to attach it to the top.
Yes, you can use a small propane fire pit under the Garden Gazebo. Please make sure you follow the manufacturers’ safety advice and keep a safe distance.
Yes, it is recommended to anchor it to concrete / concrete slab.
A spray may compromise the polycarbonate’s integrity, it is not recommended to paint the panels. Please refer to the warranty.
Yes, this gazebo must be anchored. It comes with an anchoring and foot pads kit.
Yes, the polycarbonate panels can definitely stay on during winter season. There’s no need to remove the panels.


Prepare the site

The product must be built on a solid anleveled surface in order to perform properly.

1 - Clear the site
2 - Level the ground
Important We recommend checking for restrictions or covenants for building this product in your area. In addition we advise to check if you need to submit any forms or if any permit is required prior to building the product.
Choose your foundation type
Option 1: Concrete / Wooden Deck

The screws and masonry anchors supplied with the kit are suitable for concrete fixing only. Please consult with an expert regarding which fasteners are suitable for other surfaces types (not supplied).

Option 2: Paving stones

Dig holes into the ground and fill with concrete. For frozen areas, please check the required depth needed for these holes.


a – 10 cm / 4″ | b + c – 40 cm / 1’4″

Option 3: Solid ground / Asphalt

a + b + c – 40 cm / 1’4″

Dimensions (10x10)

The Illustration describes center-to-center distance between poles.

Dimensions (12x12)

The Illustration describes center-to-center distance between poles.

Dimensions (14x14)

The Illustration describes center-to-center distance between poles.

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